Fasting must have come and gone, I urge you all to sustain the lesson during Month of Ramadan - Sen Oseni address Constituency


As the month of Ramadan come to an end today, Kogi central Senator, Yakubu Oseni has urge his constituency members to adhere to the lesson learn during the month Ramadan.

"In the name of Allah, the most magnificent and most merciful.

We appreciate Almighty Allah who has graciously counted us amongst His worthy servants to successfully partake in this year's Ramadan fast.

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I rejoice with you all and appreciate Allah for keeping us strong till the end of the Holy month.

Dear Constituents, the period of fasting must have come and gone, I urge you all to sustain the lesson of piety, holiness, love, sacrifice and service to God and humanity which we have practised in the last 30 days.

The glorious Qur'an enjoined us to make and sustain peace in our locality.

I therefore use this opportunity to enjoin every Muslim in Ebiraland who may have cause to be agitating for one reason or the other to allow peace to reign.
A perusal through the Holy Quran shows that most verses of the Quran are based on peace and kindness, either directly or indirectly. The ideal society, according to the Quran is Dar As-Salaam, that is, the House of peace (Quran: 10:25).

We should therefore not lose grip of these injunctions and many more even as the world is passing through perilous times with the outbreak of the COVID-19.

Let's continue to support the efforts of the government at all levels in combating the scourge and maintaining peaceful coexistence. I pray that the world will once again conquer the strange disease through the grace of God.

Barka de Sallah, and ensure that your celebration is in line with the safety precautions and guidelines laid by the various health authorities." Senator Yakubu Oseni
Kogi Central.


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