Gov Yahaya Bello has Transformed Kogi State to would-be best industrial city in Nigeria


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By Munirat Bint Ibrahim

Kogi State is amongst the richest States in Nigeria. It has more than
29 mineral resources available in commercial quantities. These include coal, dolomite, feldspar, bauxite, iron ore, tar, limestone, gold etc. Two minerals each at least are deposited in each of the 21 local government area of the state. By implication, Kogi state alone is richer than some Africa countries. By virtue of these, indigenes of the state most especially should be gainfully employed and living life above poverty range.

Despites these huge blessings in deposits, Kogi state was not near industrialization. These deposits were just lying dormant below the earth surface without changing our economy narratives.

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Minerals do not automatically transform self to consumable products, government do via providing favorable environment for investors and industrialist. This had been the bottleneck of our collective development in human and infrastructure since inception.

Previous administrations never looked inward. The federation's allocation was the only determinant in running the state. There was no leadership commitment to vision. An exclusive economy's driven factor was never put into consideration. It was a purely dependable economy on allocation. This reliance led to massive poverty in the land and economy shamble. Kogi state became the hub of crime and epicenter for systemic corruption that were adding injury to economy's sores.

However, it's a new dawn in Kogi state today. The narrative has changed from rythoric to feasible manifestations of intends and desire. The state economy has experience a dramatic lift, IGR increased above 500%.

What's the magic! Vision, commitment, resilience, prudity, transparency and the excellent craftsmanship of his excellency and a formidable team made possible the glory the state now enjoys .

At the inception of this adminstration, Gov. Yahaya Bello ensures a comprehensive study of challenges and best possible applicable solutions with specifications. On this note, the following were identified as core obstacles to revolutionalizing the state into industrial hub.
Corruption in civil service, Insecurity, Social menace, Unfriendly government policies.

GYB being a digital leader quickly swung into reforming the civil service and other ministries' modus operandi from manual to digital. All government runnings are automated. Work flow become faster , neater with acurate precision. Corruption become minimally reduced, the whole process become cashless. The goal is achieved.

On area of security,
the awards backed so far from Nigeria Police Force down to London base outfits since 2017 till date are icing to his landmark's achievements . Thousands of able young men are engaged as forest guards with same vigilante's architecture in every nooks and cranny of the state. Every arm of both military and paramilitaries are getting full support in ensuring a business safe Kogi for all investors. Not to leave any stone unturned, in a rare strategy, the Gov. ensures experienced and able personalities become SSA on security in each of the 21 local government areas of the state. This is finally rooting out all pockets crimes occurring rarely. At the moment, all forms of social and business lives are possible in kogi. The assurance of night security is same as day. It's now a 24 hour security alertness in Kogi state.

With the consciousness of advancing the state right from inception, Gov. Yahaya Bello' has ensured industrial growing policies .

On population, so far, Kogi state is recording a growing productive population . IGR is constantly on the increase . Industries are emerging with lots of investors trooping down the state.

On proximity, the state is strategically the core of about 10 states of the federation with close proximity to the national seat of authority. By implication, there would be minimal cost of transportation of goods and services to other parts of the nation. There is equally the convenience and safety in accessing goods and services.

Kogi state is surrounded by the River Niger that cuts across all season. Water which happens to be very essential factor in every industry is conviently at reach without any relative cost.

Kogi state is fully ready to setting industrial pace in the nation armed with bralient leadership charisma of Gov. Yahaya Bello and the availability of natural endowment.

Come to Kogi state for your business venture. It's a fertile ground for industrial's growth and revolution.

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