Azzaman React to video of Soldiers cursing Buratai Chief of Army staff after Boko Haram Ambush them


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Azamman Azamman has reacted to latest video of soldiers in the war front fighting Boko Haram as they lay curse on the chief of army Staff, Lt Tukur Buratai.

The video which surface online yesterday captions a moment were Boko Haram Ambush soldiers and destroy their weapons.

The report also reveal that some soldier's die in the cause of the attack, and some sustained injuries.

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Azamman in his reaction reveal that he has called some soldiers in the war front, he said some soldier which he speak with on phone, request prayer from him, and some of them complain of lack of weapons to fight Boko Haram.

"I have spoken on phone with many Soldiers on the battle front. Many of them call me for Prayers many also call me to complain no equipment , no weapon to fight this insurgency if not they would have finish Boko Haram.

Buratai Nigerian Army doesn't belong to Buhari and it doesn't belong to you. Nigerian Army doesn't belong to even Nigeria it is just a name Nigerian Army. Nigerian Army belongs to our God Yahweh Elohim he created the whole world and everything in it, including Nigerian Army, Psalm 24:1. Therefore even you Buratai and your boss Buhari belong to Him, you are just a pot in his hands and he is the Potter, he can twist you and turn you the way He likes because He created you. Your complain by the personel of the Nigerian Army have reach the Throne of Divinity in Heaven, where the owner of Nigerian Army seats in Glory, where no iniquity man can approach His Lights. Buratai you had time to repent because of His Mercy but you refused. Now it's time for you to be Judged. The Soldiers at the battle front have been praying for your removal and this moment I join my Faith with theirs.

Righteous YAHWEH ELOHIM in the righteous Heavens in the Name of Yeshua Ha Maschiach Lt. Gen. Buratai, you will not finish the end of 2nd Quarter of this year on that Throne or Office. I command crisis to arise at the highest command of the Nigerian Army , I stir up trouble and problems for you that you most GO. I break every negative spirituality that you have been using to keep yourself upto now in the Military, I render those negative forces null and void and I command them to Evaporate. No Power can stand the blood of YESHUA , therefore Buratai I break EVERY POWER that you are boasting of by the POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST. Hear O Heavens, Register this Earth , let their be a performance and let the Zeal of the Lord of Host perform it. Holy Spirit , Holy Spirit , Holy Spirit , Holy Spirit IN JESUS CHRIST GLORIFIED NAME AMEN.


Azzaman Azzaman"

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