Why I have refused to be calling myself a Sunni Muslim or joining the sect Alu sunna


By Lanre Olanrewaju

As a Muslim we depend and rely totally on Allah words (The Qur’an) by emulating the prophet sent to us which is prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Allah called us Muslim and not Sunni or Sunni Muslim.
It is He (Allah our Creator) who has named you Muslims Q22 :78

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All those who came before us starting from Prophets, Messengers, saints and every other being who believe and worship Allah were called by the name "Muslims ". None of them makes use of self acclaimed name "sunni".

And recite to them the news of Nuh (Noah). When he said to his people : "O my people, if my staying and my reminding you of the verses of Allah is hard on you, then I put my trust in Allah…….. And I have been commanded to be of the Muslims….. Q10:72 - 74

Ibrahim (Abraham) was neither a jew nor a Christian but He was a true Muslim…… Q3:67

And by Ya'qub (Jacob) sayings, O my sons (the 12 sons who later became the 12 tribes of israelite)
Allah has chosen for you the (true) religion, then die not except as a Muslim…… Q2:132

(Yusuf - joseph)
توفنى مسلما وألحقنى بالصالحين

cause me to die as a Muslim….. Q12 :101

And Musa (moses) pbuh, said : " O my people! If you have believed in Allah, then put your trust in Him if you are Muslims…. Q10 :84

And when I (Allah) revealed to Al-hawariyyun (the disciples of jesus) to believe in me (Allah) and my Messenger (jesus), they said" we believe, and bear witness that we are Muslims. "….. Q5:111
This verse (Q5;111) is like the saying of أطيعوا الله ورسول
Follow Allah and His prophet (Muhammad pbuh).

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The disciples of jesus called themselves Muslims because they obeyed God and followed jesus.

It was after the demise of jesus some men (Paul, barnabas and others) founded the name CHRISTIANS for themselves which means Christ like….. Act 11:25-26

Now we the Muslims embark on the same manner of degression from the instruction of Allah (Be a Muslim) by naming ourselves series of name - Al sunnah, Sunni, salafi, shiite, AL hadiths, suufi, etc.

You can't say because it has good meaning then you should change what your Lord has named you. Ę.g calling oneself suufi because it means giving priority to akhira above Dunya .

You can't be calling yourself Quraniyoon Muslims because you believe in the Qur’an. Though the name is sweet, yet your Lord did not approved that for you.
In the same vein, you can't be calling yourself Shia or shiite because you love Sayidunal Alli and other families of the prophet. We (Muslims) all love Alli and the household of the prophet. In fact we send prayers to both prophet Muhammad and his household always….. اللهم صلي على محمد وآله وأصحابه وسلم.

Same goes to Alu sunna, Yes we all follow the sunnah (ways of the prophet as much as we can), yet it is a serious Bid'ah (innovation) to use the name Sunni, Sunni Muslim or Alu sunnah because neither Allah nor the prophet approved it. We are Muslims only.

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Allah called us Muslim in the Quran and the prophet did the same in the hadiths.

From Abdullah Ibn Amr.
He (Muhammad pbuh) said " A Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand Muslims are safe ; and a true emigrant is one who avoids what Allah has forbidden.

The prophet said Muslim and not Sunni Muslim nor salafy Muslim.

The four guided Caliphate didn't called themselves alu sunna, Sunni, suufi, shiite but Muslims. So what is our problem?

Even the believers among the jinn call themselves Muslims.

And of us some are Muslims. Q72:14

What is the meaning of a Muslim?
Yes, it means a person who submit himself to the will of His creator.

And among the will of Allah is that you must obey and follow His prophet (Muhammad pbuh) yet that does not mean you have to become alu sunna before following the prophet, the same way you don't have to become a Quraniyoon before following the Qur’an. We only need to be a Muslim.

Allah says " O you who believe! Fear Allah as He supposed to be feared and die not unless as a Muslim…… Q3:102.

Let stop the labelling, naming for the purpose of segregating ourselves.

Allah says
" and hold fast, all (Muslims Tmc, OTM, MSSN, nasfat, amadiya, ansarudeen, Shamsudeen, Qadriyya, Tijaniyya, Tableeg, Dawahtul l'haq, Acadip etc) of you together to the Rope of Allah (QURAN / Islam) and be not divided (sunni, salafi, shiite, suufi etc) among yourselves, and remember Allah's favour on you, for you were enemies one to another But He joined your hearts ♥ together (with a same Quran, salat, Ramadan, hajj, Zakat, Qibla direction, one language of arabiya etc) so that, by His grace you became brethren (in Islamic Faith)………. Q3;104.

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And let there arise out of you a group (not sect) of people (Dr Zakir naik, Mufti Menk, Yusuf qaradawi, Sheikh Fawzaan, Prof Lakin Akintola, Alhaji Ali Bolaji Akewukewe, Prof Alaro, Dr Gbadebo Raji, Sheikh Issa Akindale, Sheikh Abeebullah Lagege, Dr Jamiu Adegunwa, Mallam Yusuf Adeponju, Mallam Yusuf Mabera, Sheikh Imran Eleha, Sheikh shaafih, Dr lukmon Idrees ustaz AL Mubarak, ustaz Agbesinga etc) inviting to all that is good (Islam), enjoining Righteousness and forbidden disbelief and all forms of vices…. Q3;104.

May Allah forgives us all our trespasses and guide us to all goodness. May Allah continue to elevate and protect all those calling for the unity of muslims and gives idaayat (guidance) on those who want us to Split and Scatter.

Still on Ramadan kareem

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