EID-IL-FITR Celebration: Niger State Government give Prayer guidelines across the State


In preparation for the forthcoming of Edil-Il- Fitir, Niger State government has issued guidelines to Muslim who will be observing the prayer in the State.

In a Statement signed by UMAR FAROOQ ABDULLAHI, the Director General, of Niger State Bureau for Religious Affairs, on the 20/05/2020, after congratulations the people of the state urge them to observed the two rakat prayer at the Juma'at Mosques across the State.

According to the Statement, the women and Children were excepted from attending the prayer.

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The Statement read "The Nigerlites are hereby warmly congratulated for the forthcoming 1441AH/2020 Eid-il-Fitr celebration.

The public is reminded of the dangers of the COVID'19, and therefore requested to continue to be conscious of the Pandemic as a threat to life, property and security.

While the existing Order for social distancing and social gathering statewide is still in place for compliance. After due consultations with Traditional Councils and Islamic Scholars in the state, His Excellency the Executive Governor of Niger State has approved the commencement of Eid prayers. The Muslims are further requested to observe their spiritual festivities in accordance with the following guidelines, please.

  1. The prayers are to be observed in various Juma'at Mosques across the state with recitation of a short Surat(chapters) and a brief sermons.
  2. Women and children are not allowed to attend the Eid Salat.
  3. The activities during the prayer section must be precise and brief.
  4. Medical guidelines, such as hand washing or hand sanitising, social distancing, and the use of face-masks must be adhered to.
  5. Muslims are advised to go home and stay immediately after prayers.
  6. All forms of gatherings are prohibited during the festival.
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While Health is Wealth, the public is still requested to be patient in adhering to these temporary guidelines against the outbreak and the spread of the Pandemic.

We thank you, Nigerlites, for your patience, endurance, cooperation and compliance, and equally request you to use the holy period to ask Allah (SWT) to save us from all sorts of Pandemic diseases, and all other plights across the country, Amin."

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