Top 10 Things to Maintain in Marriage, if you want your marriage to last


By Lawal Ayomi Israel

MARRIED WOMEN AND MEN ONLY: Try your best to maintain these following things in your married life:

(1)Between 3am-5 am when the kids are fast asleep try to have $ex with your husband (when you see his penis all hard or "erect" in the morning, "jump on him" and see your husband again). Give him a surprise morning sex.

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(2) Between 5:30 _ 7:30

Prepare breakfast and prepare children for school, bath with your husband (get in the big bath together, talk and laugh together), then cloth him and yourself and go to work.

(3)If you are a full house wife buy a very nice panty and bra to "entice" your husband after work. Buy all sorts of sexy panties and skimpy dress that will make his dick rise for you When he comes back from work, welcome him with a juicy-kiss and a big-warm-hug. help him undress his cloth take him to the shower and bathe give him food, and allow him to rest (treat your husband like a king).

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(4)After work hours focus on the kids(help them with the "school home work", prepare their clothes, or get a nanny to sort that out, including their lunch boxes and everything they need for the next day

(5) Study (read the bible or any university degree), keep your eyes AWAY FROM stupid things which teaches you to destroy your marriages,

(6)Entertain yourself by having evening talk (6pm to 11pm when the kids are busy or sleeping), massage each other with oil and talk, laugh and be together, be in each others arms, drink some tea, juice, biscuits, snacks! Dance naked in the bedroom before your husband! Entertainment is free! These are the time when side chicks take your husbands from you. SO BETWEEN 6pm _11pm make sure he is in your arms having a lot fun. (Side chicks are satanic women who break homes by "using what you reject"). SO KEEP YOUR HUSBAND AT HOME WITH GOOD FOOD AND MARITAL LOVE.

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(7)Pray for each other always, aside from praying for each other you as a wife and also needs to find time and pray for your husband and your children pray to God to always bless your marriage. NEVER USE YOUR marriage BEDROOM TO GOSSIP. Use it for sex, baby making, resting and fun and planning. NO QUARRELS OR WARS IN THE MATRIMONIAL BEDROOM.

(8)Occasionally wake your husband up between 10pm to 3am to do some more sex BE A WIFE! Not a witch! NEVER SLEEP WITH A HORNY-HUSBAND WHO CRAVES YOUR VJAY NEXT TO YOU (give him quick sex rounds and let him sleep with a Big smile). BE A WIFE, NOT A ROOM MATE!

(9)During weekends go out to a park (as husband and wife, have a simple time out, or fly out, or whatever it is you have to do),

(10) Go to church on weekend, never miss church. PREPARE HIS SHOES, SNEAKERS, JEANS OR SUITS (or anything he likes and attend church services). TAKE THE KIDS OUT TO PLAY DURING WEEKENDS (so you and your husband can be all alone in the house). Have $ex in the kitchen, sitting room, dinning rooms, toilet, bathroom, pantry, garage, and everywhere in the house be naked to yourselves and enjoy marriage! BE A HAPPY FAMILY! God like such joy in marriage. BE CRAZY-IN-LOVE with your husband.

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A WIFE MUST NOT BE FAT (she must be sexy). Don't be an elephant! PUT TAP ON YOUR WEIGHT. Loose weight after birth. KEEP yourself HEALTHY first). Don't allow side chicks to take your husband through $exy-body-appeals which you used to have prior/during marriage. KEEP YOUR BODY AS BEFORE and keep your man's eyes on you!

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