I did not realize how ungrateful I was to be alive until COVID 19 taught me a great lesson - Rita Umeh Recovered patient


By Rita Umeh

Okay so I did not realize how ungrateful I was to be alive until COVID 19 taught me a great lesson. This past two weeks fighting for my life in the hospital no be moinmoin.
Let me tell you what the virus does
**Dry throat first. You will cough tire nothing will come out.
** Running nose plus better migraine
*** The neck pain is first class
***It will so take away ones sense of smell you can't even perceive bleach as pungent as it is.
**every food will taste like shaft infact as strong as salt is i could taste it
** Then your lungs will feel like its full of water. To breath will be like you are panting for your life.
**Then when you call for help pray that the person is not dead before ambulance arrives.

Take it easy with the garlic ginger turmeric lemon concoction ooo. It was so corrosive it was slowly peeling off my abdominal lining.

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The Virus is better heard off than experienced
Guys the virus no dey play please stay safe.

FYI…. I work frontline so I always wore my face mask, face shield and even goggles. I changed my gloves less than every 5mins, washed my hands and used hand sanitizer to the extent my skin was peeling yet still I caught the virus. I'm thankful to God that this picture i have here is not my Obituary. STAY AT HOME AND ALLOW NO GUEST TO COME VISIT. STAY SAFE.



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