Agony of 27year old lady suffering from brain tumor !!!
"Help me o lord Ijeoma Nwosu cries"


Well meaning individuals have been called upon to financially assist 27 year old Ijeoma Jacinta Nwosu who is currently battling with brain tumor.
This is IJEOMA NWOSU , A Mother of 4 beautiful children (the eldest of them all is just 10years old) in Anambra, Nnewi suffering from brain tumor
CLOCK OF DEATH THICKS FASTER FOR IJEOMA NWOSU as, she needs 1.3 miilion to stay alive.
Let's join hands together to help This young lady 🙏
As the wind of death draws closer
IJEOMA NWOSU want you all to use a minute of your time to wish her quick recovery
Apparently she is badly in need of Medical assistance . Help seems to be eluding her and time is running fast. Worsestill, young and beautiful IJEOMA NWOSU (now a shadow of her former self (has been abandoned to her fate by friends and relations.
Ijeoma nwosu , an Out-Patient of the NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL with the hospital number 248227 is dying as she cannot afford hospital bills.
Looking so Helpless for months now (Nwosu ijeoma). it was gathered has sold her properties and even her children dropped out of school. Now, she needs to act fast to raise 1.3 million so she can carry out series of test and eventual surgery.
In a medical report dated January 2020 signed by Dr. Okpara, Sekat and Johnson respectively revealed that Nwosu ijeoma had suffered traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, skull fractures, or lacerations that requires surgery.
The medical report confirming her predicament is seen below for your perusal. Ijeoma is running out of time.
All hope are lost she is a single mother and the bill are accumulating day by day at the hospital, Ijeoma appeals to general public for financial assistance and support ,No amount is too small to save her life
At this point in time she cries for help to the general public making a statement that dropped tears from the eyes of the witnesses saying "I don't want to die now, I am all my children have"
She is appealing to the general public to come to her aid. She is dying and she is in pain no amount is too small.

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