6 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Actually Serious About That Relationship And 1 Reason To Quit The Relationship



I know most guys would wanna know if really their girlfriends are actually serious about their relationship with them or not and truly it's a good thing.

But before I tell you why it's a good thing, we will have to go through these signs.

Now let's go.


Becoming More Attached To You

Seriously, this is a clear sign that she's really serious you and when I mean serious, I actually meant settling down with you. Yeah! Being married to you and as well growing old with you. Wink

In this sign, she now acts like a magnet. She wants to be with you anytime, any day and when she's not, she feels restless and that's the pure reason for those countless calls and text messages you get from her always.

Visiting You Almost Every Time & Bringing The Idea Of Moving In With You

This sign starts showing when she can no longer bear the pain of staying far away from you. She's very much in love with you and serious about her relationship with you and again wants to protect you against other girls. Silly right? But that's how serious she truly loves you and wanna spend the rest of her life with you.

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Loves Cooking For You & Always Advise You Not To Eat Outside

I just hope she's a great cook. 😜😜

So, here's another sign you most cook, I mean look up to. Lol! In this moment, she feels wonderful preparing your meals but also she's sending you signals on how good her food taste and what you'll be enjoying for life when you finally put a ring in her finger. And definitely, she's gonna ask you if you like the food (that's just simply for assurance).

Wanting To Know Your Family Members & You Knowing Hers Also

Yeah! You start getting questions like;

  • Do you have a brother or sister?
  • How many siblings do you have?
  • What are their names?
  • Can I meet them some day?
  • I will like to know your mum, so I can be reporting you to her if you do anything silly?

And then you'll start receiving short quotes like;

  • My sister overheard you speaking with me on the phone the other day and she's so excited to know when she can see you in person.
  • My brother wants you to come over to the house, so he can know the guy dating his little sister.
  • It will be so nice if you come visit me in my house (If she's living with her family).
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And it keeps going till she finally gets you both more close to each other families.

Questioning The Relationship

Here, she's start seeking answers about the relationship. She is serious about the relationship and really wants to know if you too are serious about it as she does. Your answers to those questions matters a lot.

Always Telling You How She Imagine Carrying Your Baby Or How Happy She Will Be

Boom! Here's the king sign. You might start not wanting to have sex with her cause she might ask you to give it to her raw and seriously hold you tight when you wanna ejaculate. LOL!

But seriously, I'm just kidding but it's actually a fact though. You never can tell. LOL! I know it's kinda silly, right?

Here, you start getting this quote;

"Oh! How I wish I was carrying your baby in my womb"

Guys, she's definitely serious about you and want to start a family with you also.

Well! I think that's the six signs I can boldly use to confirm that your girlfriend is actually serious about you guys relationship.

So, once you starts noticing these signs, you know what to do guys and least I forget.

One reason you must quit the relationship is if you aren't serious about the relationship as she is. Please, I beg of you end it quick when you start noticing these signs early (especially those signs I mentioned first) and you in return isn't thinking of a future with her.

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It's so bad if you break her heart and waste her future. You know what I mean guys, so don't.

And for the ladies, I'm actually preparing something about signs to look out for in a guy if he's actually serious in the relationship as well as you are.

So, I do urged you to bookmark this blog cause definitely I'll be releasing some few secrets in most relationships and also you can as well follow me on Instagram @FavourOrobor for some of my updates there but though the page is empty, I seriously got some great stuff to share to you guys.

And that's it guys, share your thoughts about this or you can as well share some of the signs you've noticed about a girl being serious in a relationship.


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