4 Major reasons why Married Men cheat on their wife


Extra marital affairs, has continued to be the biggest challenge men and woman face globally, but like they said, something lead to something.

Married men cannot just seat and just decide to be cheating on his wife, their must be something the woman must be lacking and husband can't bear it anymore so the option left is to fine another woman to have sex with.

I no some of you will said, is not only men that cheat, yes we know that. This article is to address why men cheat, our next article on relationship will be to address issue on why women cheat on their men.

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Back to our topic.

Their are many reason why Men cheat, but on this article, we going to highlight some major reasons why men cheat on their wife.

1. One of the Top Major reasons while mean cheat on their wife is Lack of Love.

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Love they said suppressed every other things, many marriage today are not done because they love each other, but because of one reasons or the others.

Such as "am getting old, let me get pregnant for him so that he can marry me," What lady fail to realized is that Man don't have sex because of love, men have sex to satisfy their sexual urge, so when they are done with you sexually, my sister you become a second hand product.

2. Nagging woman

Another major reasons men cheat on their wife is, when their wife nag to much.

Every man want woman that listen to him when ever he talk, but when your man want to talk you done listen to Him, all you do is nagging, confronting him telling him you cannot do anything, my sister yes if he is a quite man, he start doing something in your back that you will not know.

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So learn how to listen to your husband, like they said man is the head of the family.

3. Unkept

Some woman only appear clean and beautiful before marriage, after mariage, they believe that they have achieved their aim, as such they left the body Unkept, their house Unkept.

As a marriage woman, how did you expect man to stay with you with such dirty environment, how did you want man to touch you, when you are smelling? Your breast is not maintained anymore because you believed baby has sucked it.

Your vagina is bring out one mucus or the order because of lack of care, how did you want man to enter such place?.

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Lady you a married is not a license to be dirty keep your body clean and sexy for your husband, if you don't want him to cheat.

4. Am not in the mood.

Every man want it anytime the urge come, anytime he want it, you told your husband, am not in the mood, you indirectly given him ticket for cheating.

As woman learn how to give it to him when ever he ask for it.

Their many reasons men cheat, but the listed above are indisputable reason men cheat.

You can also contribute on why men cheat via comment section bellow.

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