Rejoinder - political imbalance will breed political instability in Kogi LGA


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A certain ‘Idris Ahmed’ published a piece with the above title. Under normal circumstance, especially given the medium which it was found, we in the core circle of the ruling APC in Kogi Local Government Area would have ignore it, but it would be injurious to allow mischief makers to continue to peddle unfounded falsehood without reactions.

While the essay can get a pass mark in O’Level exams, the issues raised in it are nothing but a terrible attempt at carrying out a propaganda campaign. Quick observation of the use of words in the said write – up and the presentation of issues has clearly revealed the characters behind it. They are a set of paper – weight politicians without value even within their immediate communities.

For the avoidance of doubt, on assumption of office, Engineer Bashir Gegu, the commissioner for Solid Mineral and Natural Resources visited all stakeholders to familiarize and intimate them of his resolve to work closely with them to ensure a better coordinated and united APC in Kogi Local Government Area, a step that obviously gladdened their hearts. In fact, they embraced the appointment and prayed for his success in office.

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Leaders such as the former member of the State House of Assembly who is also a former commissioner, Hon Saidu Akawu Salihu; the current member of the State Assembly representing Kogi Local Government Area, Hon Tanko Abubakar Okofi, the APC Chairman for Kogi LGA, Alhaji Audu Omoko; Hon Osune Shaibu Tatu; the Chairman of the Elders Advisory Council for Lokoja/Kogi (Kotonkarfe), Alhaji Yahaya Musa, Hon Muhammad; all the eleven Ward Chairmen, Women Leader for the LGA; all party executive members and many other stakeholders were present at the meeting where it was unanimously agreed to chart a workable environment for APC victory in all elections.

The type of politics that Engr Bashir Gegu has introduced into Kogi Local Government polity with those who share similar ideology with him is the politics of ‘taking off together to reach our destination together without leaving anyone behind.’ It is about the unity of purpose and unity of direction for all that believe in his style of politics. It is his fervent belief that development can only thrive where there is unity and sincerity.

Rather than segregation on the altar of ‘zoning,’ the major stakeholders in the APC in Kogi LGA are more concerned about what would harmonise the various interests and attract advancement in all strata of society, rather than parochial interest. This is why for the first time since 2015, Engr Bashir Gegu became the first ever serving commissioner distributed foodstuffs and other palliatives to cushion the impact of current economic times on the people, especially during this fasting period.

Bashir Gegu is without a doubt, one of the most humble commissioners in the state. No doubt, his aspiration to become the Governor of Kogi State, an ambition he had to humble collapse and congratulated the incumbent Governor when he deservingly emerged victorious at the APC primaries. He has demonstrated and continues to show loyalty to the government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello. He is no doubt, committed to carrying all the youths and every other stakeholder along in the discharge of his duty and in his political voyage in general.

Since assumption of office also, Engr Bashir Gegu has created the enabling environment for all appointees and APC stakeholders which has ensured synergy among them for the progress of the area, the party and the state.

We can safely say those going about with the story of political imbalance as ingredient for political instability are people speaking in the negative sense. They are weeping up unnecessary sentiment that should not have basis in saner political climate. It is about quality representation which is what the current crop of leaders are providing for the LGA.

No doubt, those making ill assertions about him politically are enemies of the land. They were in the forefront of campaign of calumny against his appointment into office because he is a decampee into the ruling APC. They are the people afraid of his commitment, doggedness, courage and loyalty to the New Direction Course.

Those who know the young Engr Bashir Gegu know the type of politics he plays. When he decided he was going to join the ruling APC from the PDP having seen the genuine commitment of Governor Yahaya Bello to developing all parts of Kogi State, there was no discouraging him. He stood with the Governor through thick and thin and was at the forefront during the campaigns for the re – election of the Governor during the November 16th Governorship poll.

Bashir Gegu remains GYB first son and as such he will never let the Governor down whatever it would take. Even at that, Bashir Gegu remains for everybody and is the APC and its current leaders in Kogi Local Government Area.

Media Officer, Engr Abubakar Bashir Muhammed Media Team

The Honourable Commissioner for Solid Minerals and Natural Resources
Kogi State

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