Am 35yrs old with no child, i wake up in the middle of the night cry like a baby, wondering what next - Lady seek for advised


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Lady by name Kawoomera Awooma cried out, seek for advised on social media after she have had three marriage, yet unable to conceived and give her husband children.

Awooma in her post, said she was only conceived once, but the pregnancy turn out to be ectopic pregnancy.

According to her, she said Dr. said she can't be able to get pregnant again because she have only one tube, and the tube is block.

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She seek for advised either if she should allow her husband to marry another woman to give him children.

She said "Hello family .is there anyone like me. 35 yrs old and with no child ?i wake up in the middle of the night cry like a baby. wondering what next.5 years in marriage .this is my third marriage .and this time God gave me a caring and loving husband .but i've failed to fulfill his desires of giving him a family .at times i feel like i want to die. just to set him free.or im on a view to set him that he can have his family .2018 i tried to conceive and it was ectopic .i was told that ive only one tube.which also is blocked.but the Doctor didn't tell hubby that i will be unable to give him in a dilemma family"

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Samuel Sanya Olufe
Samuel Sanya Olufe
May 14, 2020 10:20 pm

You need to be born again, and let your husband know the situation of things, you need be going to a christbelieving church, you must not loose hope in God, then you must be ready to fast, to pray even alnighty prayers, lastly, your pastor must be a pastor that can lead you to delivering altar of God to deliver you.