Pregnancy and Amniotic Fluid, What You Need to Know


Can you see the baby inside that transparent bag and the water inside the bag? That's exactly how the baby looks like while in the womb.

PREGNANCY IS a joyous moment enjoyed by pregnant women. From the moment you feel the first kick at 16 weeks is usually a pleasurable moment that lasts for a long time. After conception, the baby begins to grow in a sac that is covered with fluid known as amniotic fluid which allows the baby a wide range of movement in the womb.

Within the few weeks of conception, the amniotic fluid is produced and it is from the mother's fluid and also from the baby's urine. This fluid also contains some hormones and antibodies that helps to fight against infection and protects the baby against friction.

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In the womb, the baby swallows the fluid at interval, if this doesn't happen, there will be over production of this amniotic fluid leading to excessively large stomach and if it's too low, there is also a problem cos it could cause the placenta to detach.

The functions of this fluid are numerous. It prevents the fetus from infection, it helps to prevent the fetus from being adherent to the sac, it acts as a cushion thereby preventing shock, it provides the fetus with some hormones necessary for its development etc.

Not the when ever your water breaks, be it in pregnancy or during labour, go to the hospital immediately. I have heard some women say that when the water breaks early in pregnancy, taking enough water replenished it. This is not all correct.
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congrts to all ttc and safe delivery to all peegnant mummies

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August 16, 2020 1:59 pm

It really helped me to know more about pregnancy and amnotic fluid