Toto LGC Kidnapping: Kidnapper Demand N5M Ransom from the family of one their victim hold hostage


Kidnappers who attacks and killed 5 people along Umaisha Road in Toto LGC of Nasarawa State has demanded for N5 Million ransom from the family of Suleiman Jamila, one of their victim kidnapped during the attacks.

Jamila was abducted after the kidnapers killed 5 people on the deadly attacks that happen on the 7th of May 2020 along Umaisha Road.

Reliable source, who speak with on the next day disclosed that death from the attack toll rise to 7.

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Comr. Youssouf Baduku Jnr, who disclosed the development, said that the kidnapers yesterday call the family of Jamila a 20yrs old girl, demanding for N5 Million.

Baduku called on well meaning Nigerian to come to the aides of the Lady, stating that, the family of Jamila cannot raised such amount of money.

Badugu said "The same people that were given 70 millions to stop their kidnapping activities in the state are still the same people that keep on terrorising our communities.

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It was on 6th and 7th of May 2020 that the group take over roads shooting on passing cars killing and abducting innocent people and demanding for ramson.
They killed five people, abducted two and four others sustain injuries, it was today that the family one of the kidnapped victim with the name Jamila Sulaiman a young girl of 20yrs old received a call from the abductors (kidnappers) and they were demanding the ramson of five millions naira.

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We are calling the attention of the government and the concern citizens of this country to as a matter of urgency to come for the aid of this innocent girl as we all knows that her family has no capacity of rising a such huge amount of money.


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