Nigerians React bitterly over Demolition of Hotels by Gov Wike for violating Govt Order


Some Nigerians took to social media to react bitterly over the demolition of hotels in River State, by Governor Wike for violating government order.

Tom Sankara Kevwe who first raise the issue on his Facebook wall, said that " When I said wike is becoming a tyrant some people where attacking me and hailing wike , are we in military regime? Why destroying properties? Today this hotel has been pulled down, I think offender's should be prosecuted and fine or possibly jail such, with this action many have be thrown into labour market and the owner rolled into debt's, I call this Mobutu rascality,"

Other follow suite describing Wike as a tyrant Governor.

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Precious Dunamis
Precious Dunamis
May 12, 2020 11:07 pm

It is very bad, like obviously wrong to disobey govt order esp when its intended for the general well being of the community, but i must say Wike went too far on his decision to bring down these buildings. I feel he should be called to order in a mild way, not the way folks are tongue lashing on social media. La las the individuals were wrong from all standards.