No Properties worth anyone Life, Hon. Shaba Say, as he pay condolence visit to Omoko chief over murder of his Son, Suleiman


Lokoja-Kotonkarfe House of Representative, Hon. Shaba Ibrahim, today 9th of May 2020 paid a condolence visit to Chief of Omoko Odumi over the murder of his son, Suleiman by Isah Usman and his brother Jamilu.

Late Zakari Suleiman was on the 30th of April 2020 Stabbed severally in the stomach to deaths by Isah Usman, in support of his elder brother, Isah Jamilu, who were now at large.

Shaba Ibrahim in his advise to the family of the deceased, pleaded with the chief to be patient and take heart from what has happened, and also plead with the angry youths to be more patient and continue praying for the deceased rather than taken law into there hands by continue destroying properties of the culprit and his family.

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He said the did has been done, the only options left is to be patient, and let the law take it cause.

He begs the chief of omoko not to allow the sins of one person affect many, in his context, he cited a portion of the constitution that said "it is better to free 99 criminals than to punish one innocent".

In other to make peace, Shaba Ibrahim plead with Chief of the community to allowed other family member of the culprit to come back to the community and resettled in the various house.

While speaking, he keep repeating that life cannot be compare to properties, but urge the irate youth to halt destroying properties to the culprit families.

He conclude by promise to prosecutes Isah Usman the killer, anywhere they are found until the family of late Suleiman, said otherwise.

The elders insisted that those two boys should be banished from the land, his respond to them was that, even if they banish them or not they cannot in anyway comes back to the village,

He stressed that the chief and the entire family to forgive them and allow the rest of their family to come back and resettle in the village

The chief surprises everyone by saying he has already forgive them from the button of his mind and has warned their children during family meeting that on no account non of his child should raise a finger on them even if they see them coming to his parlor.


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