My name is Jennifer Ibrahim but i prefer you call me Jeni Will (I got the Will from my Wheel - Physically challenged lady pen down touching Story of her life



Hello Fam🤗

My name is Jennifer Ibrahim but i prefer you call me Jeni Will (I got the Will from my Wheel😀)

I am from kogi state, igala by tribe but based in Kaduna state. The first child of my parents.

Were you born like this? No❌

Well i wasn't born like this, I was born physically fit like every other new born baby👧😊

My whole life turned around in the year 2012 after writing my junior waec at age 13. I fell ill and was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia which led to my inability to walk again.

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I couldn't accepted the fact that i can't walk and the fact that my mates have gone far in school. I was depressed, frustrated to the extend of taking my own dear Life but thank God for his Grace that's upon my Life.😔

After watching inspirational video of persons with disability and ready Christian motivational book,I came to realized that even in my condition i still standout and be the person God has ordained me to me. I came to understand that God has a reason for keeping me alive. He knows everything and he gat a Plan💪😀

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God can never let the devil to tempt us with what we cannot handle(He knows i can, and that's my own Cross To Bear😊)

I believe God allow what he Hate to accomplish what he Want.

So after 7years of experience, now i know how it feels to be caged by the body😥

I know what people like me go through on a daily basis. So that's why I've decided to Love myself, Accept myself just the way i am for the sake of persons like me and work hard to give them the Best Life they deserve.💪😍

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