Toto LG Chairman Has Remain Mute over the incessant Kidnapping & Killing in Toto - Danjuma Say as he called for help


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Incessant killing and Kidnappings is on the rise in Toto LGC of Nasarawa state.

As at yesterdays, NP fewer than 7 people were killed by the suspected kidnappers.

The incident that has become often, has sent a heavy worried in the heart of people living in the LGC.

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One of the residents who can't hide his felling anymore identify as Comr. Danjuma Suleiman took to his Facebook wall to blamed, the Council of boss of doing nothing about the kidnapped and killing.

Suileman why calling on the on Egbura People both the young and old, rich and poor to stand up before is too late, said "

A wake up call to all sons and Daughters of EGBURA NATION about insecurity in TOTO Local Government.
All Traditional Rulers of EGBURA land, Distinguish Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the two Nasarawa State House of Assembly members, representing TOTO/GADABUKE and UGYA/UMAISHA Constituency, L.G Chairman, all political appointees, ENDA, ENSA , all political party members and all stakeholders in Toto local government and also fellow comrade in struggles.
I want to start by appreciating Almighty Allah for giving us live to leave for free, Air for free and for his protection in all our daily activities.
For how long are we going to be living on fear? Ugya/Umaisha community? Now that insecurity has became an issue that one can not longer close his or her eyes and sleep with his family, kidnapping every week and the have been doing it successful which I am sure up till now No any strict measures or step has been put in place to stop this insecurity issue in Toto local government.
The LG Chairman he is the chief security officer of the local Government and up till now he has been mute over this barbaric and satanic behavior by some youths who are yet to be known, and for the sake of history and posterity Mr Chairman you most wake up and act fast, before it's get out of hand.
It's very unfortunate that the issue of kidnapping keep increasing every day by day and with this deadly disease called COVID 19 Pandemic that every one is struggling to eat food and things are not easy for people, but yet kidnapper's are busy operating in our locality freely.
Am using this medium to appeal to all this persons that I mention that is high time the LG call for larger house security meeting and involve soldiers to ensure that every one is on alert, because security is every body business and if u see some thing, say some things.
That's my take
Thank you all
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