The Story of my life-Part 1: there is absolutely no one you cannot do without - Mfon Abia



In 2016, our romance of 7years came to an end. I felt like a part of me died. Right before my eyes, I saw our beautiful relationship crash.

We were very close, the only thing we didn’t do was that one. Choi. I know what you are thinking. Why we didn’t do it was just God jo. Thank God we never did it.

He chose #thieves over me. He saw #corruption & looked the other way. He shocked me the day he said, Mfon, there is no need to report it. Told him I will report & I did, no regrets. I stood for what I #believe. If you don’t stand for what you believe, You will fall for anything.

I could have gotten him sacked if I wanted to. I saved his #job & today, he has retired from active service. I didn’t feel I should pay him back for what he did to me. All I wanted was for him to #retire. Smiles.

I called his number several times but he did not pick my call. I called my ride & die, my confidant, my total buddy & greatest chair leader & said, Daddy, He no longer picks my call. My Dad said, Mfon, You do not need him. I was shocked that my Dad will say such words firmly. Sir OD Abia saw what I couldn’t see.

I called his brother who knew about our relationship & told him his brother no longer picks my calls. He said, Mfon, if I were you, I will not call him again. His response shocked me too & I stopped calling him.

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Someone said you can secretly campaign against him. I can if I want to but I won’t. The ball is now in my court & I can do it but I won’t.

I shared this story to encourage you to be strong, people will take your love for granted, your calmness for stupidity, you just be your loving self. God will send people your way that will shock you like he has continued to shock me.

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The Bible says, Kings will come to the brightness of your rising. May you rise, May you be honored.

Thank you for reading.


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