My Husband has form the habitat of Having sex with me When an seeing my Mensuration, I dying in silent - Married woman cried out, seek for advise


Married woman cried out after her husband who she married for one and half years now, has formed the habit of making love with during her mensuration.

The woman who preferred to remain anonymous because of securities reasons wrote;

Goodevening Bro. Please I beg you in the name of God; post this writeup for me on this platform because am desperately in-need advice, and don't post my picture please.

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I don't know if bringing this issue here is the right call but seriously am in a serious trouble right now in my marriage and I have to be truthful to myself.

My marriage will be a year and six months on July. Ever since I got married, my husband has formed the habit of making love with me during my mensuration. At first, I thought it was just for fun, but honestly it has worsened.

A times, when this happens, my mensuration will ease and not even delay. He normally does this at the first, and second day of my flow. I have not being able to conceive or even a single sign.

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The truth is that he provides all I want but I don't understand why he will prefer to make love to me during my mensuration rather than when am free. I have sat him down to explain to him that I don't like it and moreover that it is causing me a lot of havoc; but he still doesn't listen.

On January this year, he got me a car as my birthday gift, but honestly, am not comfortable anymore in that home. Last week, he came again and I refused him I was surprise how he got to know that I was seeing my mensuration; i told him that he should wait after my mensuration. I was surprise on how he reacted.

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He told me that if I deprive me my body, that the unthinkable will happen to us. I became so scared and allowed him have his way.

Please my brothers and sisters, am totally confused at this point. I don't know why he deprives joy in such an act. This is someone who never touched me for the whole six months that we dated before getting married.

Honestly, am not comfortable in that home any longer. He doesn't want us to have any of our relatives around; not even his own people.

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Please I don't know if there is anyone going through this kind of awkward experience in her marriage? Because am totally confused. I need help because both of us are members here and i also know he will be seeing this post but i don't care anymore.

A lot of people knows me here but they don't know what am going through at home. I posted our wedding invitation here also.

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