Measures so far taken by, Engr Sule, Governor of Nasarawa state, towards controlling and containing the spread of covid-19



BELOW ARE 20 MEASURES so far implemented as strategic approach to combatting Covid19 and it’s impact by the Government of Governor Abdullahi A. Sule of Nasarawa State. More steps as events unfold.

  1. Nasarawa State under Governor Abdullahi A. Sule has so far committed hundreds of millions to complete, furnish and equip the world class Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Centre behind DASH, go check and see work going on in ernest.
  2. Nasarawa State is one of the few states that put in place at least five isolation and treatment centres even before a confirmed case was recorded in the state. Mararaba-one, Keffi-one, Akwanga-one, Lafia-two.
  3. Nasarawa State was the first to establish mobile clinics and check points at major entries into the state.
  4. Since the commencement of this outbreak, the Governor of Nasarawa State Engr. Abdullahi A. Sule has signed two Regulations and five Proclamations to regulate and restrict activities capable of exacerbating the spread of the disease.
  5. Nasarawa State Government imposed a total lockdown of Karu do to its proximity to the FCT the second epicenter of the outbreak in Nigeria. This was intended to minimize the movement of people between Nasarawa State and the FCT.
  6. Nasarawa State Government ensures the distribution of palliatives to households in every ward in the state.
  7. All security and para security outfits have been deployed to the entire state to enforce the restrictions to protect the citizens.
  8. Awareness campaigns have been conducted in the whole state deploying all available media platforms including traditional methods.
  9. The Governor and the Deputy Governor have addressed the press with updates several time at least once every week.
  10. The Government has embarked on aggressive efforts to ensure that basic amenities like pipe water in urban areas is available constantly; while maintenance of broken down boreholes and construction of new ones commenced in communities across the state.
  11. Almost all PHCs in the state are being restocked.
  12. Major General Hospitals are being renovated and restocked.
  13. Retention center for intercepted infiltrators or returnees from infected states was established in State Polytechnic in Lafia to Quarantine them until they are cleared by the medical teams.
  14. Decongestion of Correctional Centres by the Governor and release of 115 inmates so far and payments to enable them return home.
  15. Directive for all public servants level 12 and below to work from home to reduce congestion at the offices.
  16. Purchase and distribution of vital protective items to all MDAs and public institutions like face masks, sanitizers, hand washing utensils, infrared thermometers etc.
  17. Purchase and donation of gadgets, vehicles and equipments to the military and other security agencies for enhanced security during this period.
  18. Purchase of medical equipments worth millions to restock the medical store.
  19. The establishment of the Rapid Response Team for evacuation of cases and decontamination of infected sites.
  20. The vital committees created from the beginning to implement the strategic approach
    a. The High Powered Committee on Covid-19 Chaired by His Excellency The Deputy Governor made of five members and five Task Teams covering economic impacts, Health and Medical Response, Utilities and food security, justice, law and security, Human Capital, Labour and Public Service.
    b. The second committee is the Taskforce on Covid 19 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Ibrahim the state Director of Public Health.
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