Maikaya development foundation empowers the vulnerable with cash to boost their businesses in Gadabuke, Toto LGC


By Rahanat Abubakar

Maikaya Development Foundation, the most impactful and fastest growing NGO in the sub-Saharan Africa today empowers women with cash to boost their businesses. The vulnerable women's who are mostly small scale business owners in Gadabuke development area, with almost zero allocation in terms of capital, most especially those who feed from hand to mouth like the 'Kunu sellers, akara sellers, okpa sellers, food sellers, etc who are finding it very difficult to cope in this trying times were carefully selected as beneficiaries of this economic empowerment.

As an NGO, it is enshrined as part of our corporate social responsibilities to empower the have-nots annually to reduce to the barest minimum the alarming poverty growth in Africa. This time around, we carefully carried out a survey and discovered that the Covid-19 pandemic is on the verge of crippling the economy. There's virtually no money in circulation. Even though Government is doing everything humanly possible through the conditional cash transfer to ensure that money is in circulation but the overwhelming population is still languishing in abject poverty and squalor. Hence we decided to inject cash into the economy through these women to continue their petty businesses to ensure adequate wealth creation within the polity.

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In doing this, the youthful population is equally not left behind as sizeable number of individuals across the state also benefitted from the largesse of our foundation. I personally took my time to monitor their social media handles and I'm happy that most of them acknowledged receipt of this intervention funds directly in their bank accounts. We were able to do this because we have a comprehensive Data Bank of some selected unemployed youths in the State and not forgetting our vulnerable mothers within the locality.



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