How long will it take Dangote to tell us what he intends to do for us the people of Kogi State - Kogi Youth Ask African Richest Man from Kano Who generate Millionaire in Kogi state


The African Richest Man, Aliko Dangote has continued to be silent despite some youth in Kogi State keep questioning what he have for the people of the state were he make Millionaire everyday from his cement factory.

The Africans richest man, whose trace of his wealth will not be complete if his cement factory, Obajana in Kogi State is exempted, has refuse to assist the people of the state, nor the community were the cement factory is located in Kogi state during this lockdown period.

Dangote is among the first set of people to donate billionaires to the federal government to fight covid-19 pandemic.

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Also Aliko Dangote has donated many health facilities to the people of his state, Kano.

But Kogi were his multi Billionaire cement factory is located are yet to hire from him.

Recent time some youth issued a threat that they will shutdown the factory if he failed to assist Kogi people.

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This morning, another youth take to Facebook to ask him, what Dangote have for the people of the state.

He wrote "How long will it take Dangote to tell us what he intends to do for us the people of Kogi State as part of his cooperate social responsibility to the state ? The West African Ceramics, all this companies benefiting from our God given resources. We are waiting and if nothing is done at the end of of this covid19, the youths of this very state shall sit to decide what is in for us at the agreement that brought the company into Kogi State. Enough of all this attitudes that tends to undermine the existentiallity of the people of this State. We know how it is done in other places, ours won't be different."

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Despite of this, Kogi state elders and government official remain silent.

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