You didn't Budget potato of N500. And fish of N400 and you're asking me on a date since three months, - Lady Recounts her worst date experience


Lady by name Arike Ade (Phonex) took to her Facebook wall to share one of her worst date she ever have with a guy that keep disturbing her for over three months.

She wrote

Lemme gist you one of my worst date experience

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I was in school o when this guy in Lagos told me he would love to take me out whenever I was in Lagos.

I said OK

He said I should holla him whenever I got back.

Throughout as I was writing exams, he kept telling me to not forgot our date o. That he knows I'm hot cake, that I should add him in my schedule

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I said okay.

Fast forward to Lagos, we picked a Friday. He said cinema.

Next thing he said an eatery that cinema do something that I cannot remember

I said toh

I dressed up.

I made braids for this date o.

Even wore makeup.

As we got to the eatery, this dude did not e'en ask what I wanted

He ordered egg roll and coke for me.

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Me, egg roll.

The smell alone can make me puke

I don't even eat egg roll.

I was sha sipping the coke, he was talking okoto.

Well it sounded like Okoto cos I was hungry.

I now told him I don't eat Egg roll that I wanted Potato and sauce.

He said he didn't budget it.

Ogbeni if you don't Geddifock

You didn't Budget potato of 500. And fish of 400 and yoire asking me on a date since three months

Waiter gimme potato and fish please. Thank God I can afford 1k

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He was looking at me.

I ate my food and drank another coke and told him we should go

Next thing this dude goes to tell my cousin that introduced us that I disrespected him

Your brain is shaking sir.

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