Be a 2nd, 3rd of 4th wife is better than waiting for single man to marry and died without a child - advise to ladies at their late 30s


Life they said is with different version and believed.

No one didn't want something good for itself, but sometimes life we meet have to decide for us.

When it come to issue of marriage, every single lady out their want a man she can called her own, a man which she will never share with any woman, but our societies will decides for you.

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Seeñ some ladies at their late 30s when their menopause is around the corner, yet they could not find a husband to marry, some of them, the fault come from them, while some the fault is not from them, but from the societies.

But were ever the fault is from, I think you throw away your pride, and accept faith God decides for you.

For some of them, they keep rejecting men that come their way because he is a married man probably have a child or children, but did you remembered that as woman you cannot compare your body with a man body?

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As woman your body will begin to expire at 40, meaning your menopause will stop at 40 or 45 years, either you have born before or not, so what is the point of waiting and died without having a child of your own?

Is better to accept a married man, and be second, third or fourth wife than dying without a child in the name of I can't be a second wife.

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