Total submission to ur husband shouldn't be seen as cowardice,
Loving ur wife shouldn't be seen as fooling ur self -Victoria


bear in mind women, that nature teaches you that if you are going to give birth to babies it has to do with submitting yourself to collect the seed and your body processes it to baby. Although men don't command submission with force. If most of you women have related well with your fathers, you will be able to understand a man. Submission is in taking your place as the woman and letting the man take his role. Until that awareness is ingrained in your minds you will see submission as an act of cowardice. The reality of submission is that it's an authority which a woman uses to tame her husband to get what she wants. Read the story of Esther and Vashti. You will get the clear picture. As long as you have undertaken to be a man's wife, no matter your level in life you will have to come under his authority. Husband does not mean the male partner in a relationship. Husband means master or lord. It's the duty of your husband to love you. It's your duty to respect him. When you do this it makes it looks like both of you are equal in authority. Any woman who is married and has difficulty in respecting her husband is a rebel. It doesn't matter your status in society. If you can't understand this basic principle you can't have a flourishing marriage.

Men, the bible also commended u love ur wife just as God loves the church. Love has a deeper meaning. Don't be selfish in ur decisions and see ur wife as ur self, this is the only way ur conscience can always be alive when u about going astray. May God help us ooo. Amen

Always bear in mind, that a good relationship whether dating or marriage can't survive without forgiveness, giving, tolerance, understanding, wisdom to know when to keep quite during arguments mostly when u know the temperament of ur partner in other to avoid disaster and most importantly, always pray for ur selves and wish each other good.

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I will also advice u marry ur friend. Don't marry for selfish reasons. Don't marry because, the society expect u to have married when u get to a certain stage or age. For the society will still crucify u when something goes wrong in ur marriage.
May God continue to help us. Amen

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