10 Reasons why girls snub guys - Lady disclosed


Lady by name Abena has disclosed 10 major reasons girls snub guys.

She wrote:

1…You are seeing her name on top with her profile pic and u are still asking her what's her name
If i blow you ehhn
2… Always asking her if we can see, as if she opened her facebook account for you to see her
Is there a sense in ur skull so?
3… U asked her "how are you , she said fine , you are still asking about her day ,if her day was bad she wouldn't have said she was fine…stop asking too much unnecessary questions in the name of being romantic
Do you get me right
4… She know she's pretty, stop reminding her about that_
Get sense small nah

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  1. you meet a girl online all you care about is her big butt, hip and breast…those are the only thing you tell her about herself. And you're already thinking and planning how to have sex with her … Bro why won't she snub you?
    6… You said you love her no problem, she asked u for airtime, voom u went offline
    and u expect her to reply
    ur message again
    Electric pole fall on u
    7… Stop asking her if she have a bf, go to her timeline and read her bio..
    Abi ur brain is using tiger battery?
    8… Asking her to send you her pics, bro go check her mobile uploads. Her pics are there
    9… Guys don't respect girls, you meet a girl and the first thing you're asking her for is her nude, or sexy pictures and you're already telling her you're horny. Does she look like a prostitute?. Guys respect yourself for once before i send my thunder that is made from corona virus
    10… Telling a girl you meet online today “You love her”. Just like that… Bro, na so he dey quick?, Mr Easy Lover
    If i knock that ur Moro Moro head ehhh
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