Man that will Marry me must be fit to do his duties inside and outside of the bedroom - Temi Ashebu


Temi Ashebu, a social media personality has taken to her Facebook page to give the quality she need from a man that will marry her.

In one of the quality she listed from a man that will marry her, is that the man must be fit enough to do his duties inside and outside bed room.

She wrote "Let's find me a wonderful Nigerian husband. What would it take for me to marry a Nigerian man? Sounds simplistic but it would extremely hard because my values and principles are different from Nigerians. I would prefer a Yoruba man because we can speak our language beautifully and we can also speak Yoruba in the bedroom…

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Of course he has to be good looking, not necessarily classic handsome but he has to have something that makes him strikingly different from other men. So perhaps he is tall, has big delicious lips, fit and trim, dressed impeccable, has a scar on his face or whatever else you can imagine. It could be just one or more combination of the features listed above but he has to be different, I am not that picky but he can't be too fat. Sounds hypocritical because I would hate men to judge women based on their weight. But I would love him to be fit to do his duties inside and outside of the bedroom. He can also inspire me to keep in shape with him.

Confidence is a must because I don't have the patience to nurse an insecure man and play down myself to make him feel important. He needs to know he is my King regardless of whether I am more successful than him or not. It would be a nice change to meet a man more successful and accomplished than me. I have carried my share of leaz successful men. It would be nice to find a leader in his field of expertise.

My personality is strong, fun, wild, unapologetic and easy going. I can't be stifled by his needs or insecurities. I can't change my dreams or aspirations for him. I can make compromises that are fair and mature. I can even allow him to win most of our arguments as long as he doesn't fight dirty. His family have to know their place, can't have different family members coming and going as they wish. Notice will be required and I am a fantastic host.

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I will not tolerate infidelity, fornication or adultery. I will never be left at home while he is out at odd hours of the night. I would never restrict him from doing anything but his choices would have consequences. I will treat him the way he treats me. Respect and trust is a earned and a two way street. He can live in Nigeria because I have been thinking of settling down more in Nigeria.

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He has to be articulate and well spoken, poor grammar will not be tolerated. I can't marry a man that doesn't know the difference between leave or live, thought and taught etc. Pronunciation errors might be overlooked. But nothing is sexier than a man that is articulate, smart and confident. Compassion, romance, generosity, passionate are some qualities that would gain so many points in my book.

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I don't think I am asking for a lot. I prefer partnership than master and servant. I can never marry a man that wears head of the house on his head like a crown. He can be the head very subtly and that's because I love him enough to pretend he is the head. Now I just have to find him then have the most amazing engagement and wedding reception in Nigeria or around the world afterall I am an Egboroland Queen and I deserve the best."

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April 9, 2020 5:30 pm

The one that are be doing inside and outside bedroom till you come be like this, they wear cap they see road were you put them come they look for another one

Ukeme Eboh
Ukeme Eboh
April 13, 2020 11:43 am
Reply to  Peter

You are not serious. You can only find those taught on d street that does not know their value & destination.