Asking Imams to donate as pastors for the fight against Coronavirus is like asking the Tortoise to a race with a cheetah


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By Austeen Anibe Otene

What we do hate as humans is what I call uncomfortable truth being told to us. An average Nigerian pastor seek to be in competition with their fellow pastors in size of crowd, fame, who has the biggest building, who drives the latest truck in town and who is close to the seat of power. This is in sharp contrast to an Imam.

I am a Christian and will remain one till my time is up here on earth but to be blinded by my religion is a misnomer. I rather be guided by my faith in God and believe in him and not some sort of religion or worship of a godlike man in the name of pastor.

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Listen up, while I appreciate the fact that some pastors have contributed to the fight against coronavirus, it shouldn't be a ground to ask Imams who do not collect offerings, tithes, kingdom investment and all sorts of artificial levies being imposed on their members.

My only disagreement with some of these Imams is their penchant for disobedience. When asked not to congregate, they think they can go against the law because they think their followers who have been brainwashed will fight for them should they be prosecuted.

On the above subject, before you ask Imams to match up their Christian contemporaries, please balance the question by asking how many of these Imams own private mosques, private jets, businesses and schools, fleet of cars private members, executing government contracts and living in flamboyance?

I am not an hypocrite, I am not a Muslim, I am just another human who speaks nothing but the truth.

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