Evil, Arrogance, and Violence, disobedient to God is the caused of Coronavirus - CAN President


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The leader of Nigerian Christian Association (CAN) has said that the emergence of the deadly coronavirus is trace to evil, arrogance and disobedient God.

Rev. Samson Ayokunle, while speaking in today Sunday sermons on live television said that the outbreak of coronavirus in Nigeria is because of wickedness, killing and others evil going on in the land.

He said, “As in the case of the children of Israel in this passage, the arrogance of man against God and lawfully constituted authority led to God’s anger and judgment over the people.

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"People say anything today against God and against the word of God. 

"The Holy scriptures injunctions which are God’s commands no longer matter before us. We query the validity today of the word of God and equally deliberately act against it. 

"All practices that would make us worship God we reject or abandon under the guise of fundamental human right. 

"This pride and arrogance against God came because of advancement in technology. We feel we can do many things without God and thus become ‘god’ to ourselves. 

"Technological advancement should make us to reference God the more because he is the revealer of knowledge. 

“Sinfulness is an extension of my first point of arrogance against God. 

"In Nigeria, violence has become a daily occurrence."

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