Coronavirus: Muslims adopt new way of Praying in Indonesia [Photos]


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Muslims in Indonesia yesterday developed another method of praying because of coronavirus.

This method of prayer were adopted in other to prevent contracting coronavirus.

Recalled that the deadly disease which broke out from China late last year has turn the world upside.

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Many country including Saudi Arabia has cancelled congregations prayer because of the virus.

Muhammed Saleh who share the pictures of how juma'at was held in Indonesia yesterday on his Facebook wall said:

"Muslims in Indonesia offering congressional prayer.
May Allah protect them and keep them safe.

It’s worth of mentioning here that:
If you are sick or having flue symptoms, it’s not permissible to set a foot in the masjid nor attend any gathering because of the possibility of being infected with COVID 19 which means you will be infecting others and afflicting harm to them and Islam forbids that.

Also during this circumstance and due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 it’s permissible to pray at home with your family even if you are healthy as a precaution.
May Allah keep us all safe and relieve us from this trial very soon.

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