Coronavirus: All leaders in Nigeria including me must restitute and reconcile with God - Senator Dino Melaye



Former Kogi west Senator, Dino Melaye has called on Nigerian leaders to reconcile with God.

Melaye said this while speaking on the issues of dreaded Coronavirus that has taken over the world.

He said, bad leaders contribute to why God send coronavirus to teach the world lessons.

Dino who cited the a story from bible stated that, coronavirus are sign of end time, as such everyone should get prepared.

He urge everyone to turn a new lives.

He said "This corona period for me is a sober reflection Time, creating more time for Him (God), reorganizing and discipline oneself. Most importantly staying attuned to His will.Do we still remember the story in the bible about the tower of Babel…..they want to build towers as high as to see and meet with God.

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Who can contend with the Lord God almighty. He God got them speaking in different tongues and there was confusion and they couldn't understand each other anymore.

This is exactly what is going on with the world super powers now. Governments have become gods, individuals have become diabolically arrogant, leaders have become thieves and cabals, citizens have become complacent and greedy, truth have no home on earth again, men of God have become lovers of money, kings can no longer stand for thier subjects, sin has become a normal lifestyle on earth.etc..

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The Lord is laughing at us all in His sour displeasure.

I repeat we must all apologize to God and repent of our collective sins. All leaders in Nigeria including me must restitute and reconcile with God. Judgement is neigh. These are signs of the end time. Get prepared."


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