You guys should learn trade an stop investing on school - Eleojo Advised Nigerians youth



Matthew Michael Eleojo has advise Nigerians youth to stop investing in education, stating that in Nigeria, O level is required to become a President.

Eleoja cited some point, which is a confirm fact that happen to youth in Nigeria said that a president of the whole country is with O level certificate, but when you are applying for secretary, you required to have master degree, 10 years experience, and not more than 26 years.

Eleojo said "Pls how do we convince children of ths generation that education is the key to success,,,whereby O'level certificate is required for the whole president of a country,,, common secretary of an organization they will ask of master degree, 10 years working experience an you will not be more then 26 years inside Nigeria fa…while the president is older then Nigeria… You guys should learn trade an stop investing on school DAT much. #Crackbrain".

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