I Preferred to Marry a Rich Man Who Cheats, than Poor man - Precious



Different people with different opinion and believe.

Money and woman has continued to dominate the atmosphere of man, as how money never satisfy man, so also woman never satisfy man.

What could be the causing factor, and what is the faith of our marriage today? Why are we having crisis in our marriage? Why couple are killing each other after taken vow to stay with each other forever? This are question that is difficult to fine answer for.

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But what we could generalized on, is an individual believed.

Beating woman, cheating are all serious crime in relationship, and should not be something anyone should compromise with, but different opinion cannot deter people from speaking their mind.

A lady by name Precious Ochigbo has taken to social media to disclose her thought and believe when it come love of money, or having a fighting man.

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In her post, she did not choose faithfulness and money, but on what case, I think what her believe is signed of bad thought, in her post she said she rather get married to cheating man that is rich than a poor man who will always beat her up.

She said "U will marry a BROKE man, he will cheat on u, beat u up and call u and ur mother witches. I rather marry a rich man who cheats."

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What she didn't add is this, what if the rich man also beat her and call her all sort of names?

Also didn't she know that beating woman is not all about rich or poor man, but self discipline?

In fact rich men beat woman more than poor man.


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