Is President Buhari too big to come and console with the victims of Lagos Explosion? Nigerian ask, as Lagos Gov take picture to Aso-Rock


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Nigerians has reacted to Lagos Governor, Babajide taken pictures of Lagos Pipeline Explosion to Aso-Rock

Some of the reaction trailing on the pictures share by the governor on Lagos Facebook paged, condemned the governor action.

Benneth one of the commenter said "On the taking of the pictures of the Abule Ado (Omuwo Odofin) misfortune to Ask Rock. It's indeed a big shame on the government of Sanwu Olu. If Oga presido is too old to come over to Lagos to commiserate with Lagosians or send a high ranking official then he should sit there and enjoy his time in office..
Sanwo Olu sit up do your job in Lagos.

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Leave the people at the centre alone..are they even aware of all the pains Nigerians are going through!"

Picture above is the present of Babajide, Lagos Governor with President Buhari, today in Aso rock, when the Governor took picture of Lagos Explosion that killed 17 peoples and destroy property worth billionaire yesterday in Lagos, to show the president.

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