4TH ANNIVERSARY: Toto Monarch celebrate four years in Throne


Today, the Ohinoyi of Ogye (Toto Chiefdom) celebrate fourth years in traditional Stoll of Toto amidst jubilation.

Nigeria Universities Students Leader I Comr Dubagari Jnr, Write on his timeline.

The statement read further.

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You have bring honour, respect and dignity of self to our Chiefdom.
You have done excellently well despite the leadership challenges one most definitely face and you are overcoming it gradually.

His reigns is a period of enlightenment's and encroachment to the promising time
His is an Islamic scholar, at the same time father of the land.

He is bold, courageous, intelligent and energetic young man.
His wisdom is second to none and his leadership style is legendary.

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He is a farmer, a teacher and a scholar
He is deep rooted in grass root, with vast skill in business.

He is very fluent in Egbura dialects and as well, one of the embodiment of Egbura Culture.
He is a custodian of norm's,values, custom's and traditions of Ogye (Toto) Chiefdom.

It's exactly this day in history he ascend to this Throne, as the Ohinoyi of Ogye (Toto).

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May, I use this medium to commend those who make positive and meaningful contributions in one way or the other, big or little to his ASCENSION to Throne.

What you need from us, is steady positive support, advice and prayers to unable you touch lives and attract more development to our land.

Onah Onah Onah, our allegiance, support,prayers is always with you.

I'm using this very moment to plead with you to continue to forgive us, in whatever we have done to you directly or indirectly.

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Congratulations once again!
Long live His Royal Highness
Long live Toto Chiefdom.
Long live Toto LGC.
Long live Nasarawa State
Long Live Nigeria.

Ibrahim Muhammed Lawal.
Senate President Naus.
16th, March,2020

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