Marry Woman who love you more, if you want to live Longer, or die 20yrs before your time - Binta advise Men


This may be just post, but looking at it in a critical angle, Binta has a point.

Only what keep woman in her husband house is when the woman love her man so much that she cannot let go of him.

When a woman love man so much, nothing the man will do to her that will make her leave the man.

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We have hear and see many case were husband is brutal, Note: "the action is not good, please a responsible man don't hit woman's," but the woman still remain in the marriage.

Also we have seen a case were man care so much for a woman, but at the end, the woman still cheat, and frustrate the man life.

Many people, both men and women has died before their time, because of love.

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But who are to be blamed? I guest known but individuals involved.

But in the light of speaking, as a young lady, and a woman, because she know what ladies are capable of doing, Binta Eyiene Muhammad has come out to advised men to kept away from woman which they love so much, because that will lead them to their early grave.

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She said, it is advisable to marry woman which love you more than the way you as man love her, if not you die 20 years before your time.

Binta said "A man that wants to live long must marry a woman that loves him more than he loves her,make a mistake of marrying a woman you love more you will die 20 years before your time."

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