Forget virginity, The best Gift a woman can give to her husband is peace of mind - Bella Advise men



Life is full with different thinking and believed, before now an very parent, believed that the best gift their daughters could give to man she is been married to is virginity.

In African culture before is a taboo for a lady to go to her husband house, without virginity, but as time passes by, everything begin waxing old, African culture are been regarded by the children of African as an obsolete culture.

In Nigeria today, parent can't even boast of their daughters virginity.

You can hardly see a girl of 14yrs now that is still a virgin, the worst of the matter is that they are even proud of it.

Because of the I'll gotten society we found ourselves, young lady, Olorunshola Agnes Bella has taken to social media to advised men on what is important to them now when they are marrying a lady.

In her post, Bella said men should forget about virginity while chosen a girl to marry, but should think of peace of mind, stating that peace of mind is the best gift a lady can give her husband.

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She said "Forget virginity🙄
The best Gift a woman can give to her husband is peace of mind 👌👌"


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