Boko Haram released video showing Chadian civilian captives


The Abubakar Shekau Faction of Boko Haram terrorist has release a video showing Capture Chadian civilians.

According Ahemed Salkida who disclose the development on his twitter handle said that the video is a proof to show that they have 3 Chadian civilians in captive.

Three captive who speak in french pleaded with Chadian President secure their release.

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Salkida report read " Abubakar Shekau's faction of BokoHaram has released a proof of life video showing Chadian civilian captives. The three men that spoke only in French before a capture camera, appealed to the Chadian president Idris Derby to facilitate their release.

The person who is on the right in the photo above is médecin chef de district (MCD as they call them in Tchad). It is an important official position in Tchad.

Photo Credit: Ahmad Salkida

The three individuals that appeared in BokoHaram video today are said to be Chadian medics working in the LakeChad region. It is not clear when and where they were abducted, but Shekau may seek to exchange the medics with members of his group on death row in Chad.

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Medics are important people to be taken captives during war. If there is negotiation, the insurgents will demand cash and prisoners in exchange, if the medics are left behind, they will be forced to treat injured fighters. The case of Alice Ngaddah with UNICEF is one example. "

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