Kogi Deputy Gov, Edward Onoja reacted to his Impeachment prophesy, say it a lie from Pit of Hell


Deputy governor of Kogi State, Chief Edward Onoja has reacted to his impeachment prophecy.

Onoja who react through his Facebook page, said the prophesy is a lie from pit of hell.

Onoja also described the man of God as fake man of God who is looking for patronage.

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He said "Men and brethren, I want to categorically state that the above is not only Fake, It’s false and originates from the PIT of HELL and from their Master Lucifer.

I have watched videos, read articles and underlying all those falsehood you see their Phone numbers and or Addresses. They simply seek patronage and one who will become their monthly ATM.

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I am a spirit operating in human body, I don’t need these overnight Charlatans who parade themselves as Prophets. I have constant , unhindered access to The Throne Of Grace and Commune on a moment by moment level.

Beloved do not be deceived, every soul can hear and speak with God. And no Prophet can love you more than you. So please be a Worshipper and connect to The True source.

I operate the 3 levels of King, Priest and Prophet.

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I am here not by the machinations of men but by divine orchestration of the Almighty God.

If you go to those Churches ⛪ please look elsewhere. You are on a journey to nowhere.

Finally I speak this day as a Son and Joint heir. On the dancing of a PDP Politician.. If God blesses him with a Wife, or a Child naturally he should dance. Anything other than this it’s another fake news.

On March 21st,2020. We shall be gathering at Ojuwo Ayingba for Prayers. Don’t miss it for anything.
Fake Prophet Titus Ojatta you are invited for deliverance.

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Let’s use the WORD to reset your corrupt mind.

Kogi is Rising and The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

I remain yours in Service
His Excellency Chief Edward David Onoja.
Deputy Governor, Kogi State
Commader Igala Kingdom(CIK).
Olimene Attah Igala
Grand Patron Igala National Prayers (GPINP).
White Oracle."

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