Breaking: Crisis Breaks Out in Boko Haram Camp, Founder's Son Idirisa Killed


Boko Haram founder son Ba'a Idirisa has been killed from a crisis that broke out in the camp of the terrorist

According to thecable, heavy crisis is presently going on in the camp of the Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP), a faction of the dreaded Boko Haram terrorist sect.

Ba’a Idirisa, was the son of late Muhammed Yusuf, who is the leader of the group in Nigeria.

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Omokoshaban learn that Yusuf son was killed alongside three other commanders of the sect.

TheCable report that the ISWAP leaders were killed on February 9th 2020 for “driving an idea” which the terrorist considered to be too soft to operate. 

“Idirisa had told his fighters to stop killing  captured soldiers and should be kind to villagers,” 

“But elements within the ISWAP leadership were not happy about this. They accused Idirisa and two others of being too soft and that they had been compromised. They were eventually killed.” thecable report.

Another major contributions of the crisis in the camp of the terrorist, is that Idirisa had a communication with the humanitarian organisation, which was intercepted and the late insurgent leader was overheard discussing for peace, with the commission.

The Idirisa’s death has worsen the crisis in the camp as his loyalists have promised to retaliate the killing of Idirisa.

While some others members of the terrorist have frequently accused their leaders of misleading them. 

This information is coming at a time when the sect lost about 25 of its top commanders, as the Nigerian military carried out a series of raids on Boko Haram targets in the last two months.

Many of the terrorist was said to have fled to the neighbouring countries of Chad, Niger and Cameroon as a result of heavy bombardment from security forces. 

One members of the terrorist identify as Abba Gana, has now been elected as the new leader of ISWAP in Nigeria


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