The True Reason they want to Suppress Social Media and Press Freedom in Nigeria - Otene


The Nigerian Government under General Muhammadu Buhari is all out to suppress the voices of critics not because their reason is in the interest of the country and her citizens but because they are trying to hide from the public the Fulanization agenda which is secretly going on in Nigeria currently. Fulani Herdsmen under the Miyetti Allah group as well as the Boko Haram have been executing the plan in gruesome pattern while the government continues to cause distraction amongst the people.

When a president of a country comes to the public domain to make some careless comments as "I do not know Boko Haram still exist" then forget it, that man isn't just lost minded but he is not acting in the interest of Nigeria's unity. Buhari is secretly promoting the Fulanization agenda and it has become obvious with a bill to re-integrate terrorists into the society sitting in the Nigerian senate.

The world must be informed of the current spate of killings in Nigeria along Abuja-Lokoja express way where the fulani herdsmen would stop traveling vehicles and ask passengers of their tribe and religion and if you are not one of their likes, they slit your throat. The government is suppressing this information from the public.

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But we shall continue to speak up until Nigeria is freed from the claws of clandestine activities of the current leaders or better still, let the country splits into regions as countries. The current formation is no longer habitable for peaceful coexistence. Nigeria has drifted from a human nation to a zoo nation.

Who will rescue Nigeria?

Austeen Anibe Otene

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