Even the Christians cry more over the Muslims killed than the Muslims themselves - Rachel


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In her write up Rachel Nuhu Birma said that, Christian are quick to sympathized and make the information go viral of any Christian is killed, compare to Muslim brother's, dose it mean Muslims don't value life of the fellow Muslims as others did?

She wrote:

I noticed something and it gives me great concern.

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Everytime Christians are killed by insurgents, hersdmen, kidnappers or during crisis, and even if it's just one person that was killed, Christians will show their displeasure over the situation and share the story everywhere on social media until you feel touched by it.

And what I notice during those times that Christians are mourning the dead is that, some Muslims would begin to castigate them and say they shout too much because Muslims have been killed more than Christians in Nigeria by insurgents, hersdmen, bandits or so and they will be insulting CAN leadership.
Are we now counting numbers of those killed based on religion?


Let's say it's true that Muslims have been killed more than Christians but my major concern is, everytime Muslims are killed by whomever, I hardly see Muslims make sympathetic issues out of it and make the situation go viral and making the world know about it as much as Christians do.

Sometimes I notice also that it is even the Christians that cry more over the Muslims killed than the Muslims themselves do.

Why is it so?

Just recently, many Muslims were killed, including religious leaders. Last week, a Muslim cleric in a video talked about the killing of one Sheikh Jaafaru or so (not sure if I got the name correctly) (I also don't know when he was killed because I didn't see the story anywhere). The Muslim cleric boldly spoke on the killing of the Sheikh and the threat of life on Sheikh Pantami by Boko Haram insurgents.

What I'm still surprised at is how all these things that happened and are still happening to Muslims and are done in silence except for few who are trying to speak up about them.

I asked myself, don't Muslims feel the pain of the death of their people even if the killing was done by their own people? But shouldn't that even be more reason to express displeasure? Must a Muslim be killed by a Christian before Muslims will speak up?

So, Christians are killed, Christians shouldn't shout, Muslims are killed, no one hears about it because Muslims will not shout about it.

What do we want?

Why do we act as if life is less important to us and religious difference and finger pointing is our focus?

If anyone is attacked, killed, be they who, Hausa, Yoruba, Fulani, Berom, Kanuri, Igbo and so on irrespective of their religion, Why don't we first show concern over the situation and speak against whoever did the attack and call them by their names (killers) rather than focussing on their religion and making it a religious affair?

This is what has been affecting us. We focus more on the identity of the perpetrators and their religious affiliation and forget the affected and how to force the government to see the need to make life and security of citizens a priority.

We're too divided and blinded by religion.

Just few days ago, President Muhammadu Buhari made a statement, warning citizens to desist from retaliating on bandits rather than comforting citizens on the loss of their loved ones. A lot of people were sad hearing the president making such statement. They feel he took side with the killers rather than the victims and the situation became more hopeless.

This country now seem to be in the hands of certain people who choose to do as they want because the law protects them more and those that should be protected are killed and warned against retaliation on their killers.

Who really are those doing the killings?

Why do we keep silent over their activities?

Are we aware that the killers include both Christians and Muslims killing each other? Are these people being sponsored? Who are the people behind this?
Whoever is doing this is taking advantage of our weakness, knowing we cherish religion more than life and they are making us destroy ourselves by ourselves.

I really can't understand what's happening in this country.

Unless and until we collectively see wrong in what is happening and speak as one people, giving value to life irrespective of who is involved no matter their religious affiliation and speak up against insurgency with one voice as some Christian and Muslim religious leaders are beginning to do, we will end up seeing this nation in the hands of evil men who are already being emboldened to bring terror to our land and take over it.

Whoever is killed, even if it's one person, let's stop the religious blame game and speak against the affected life, putting pressure on government to bring an end to the unending security challenges currently bombarding our country.

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