Open Letter To Gov. Yahaya Bello: Kogi Police Command Bent on Fraustrating Your Excellency's Security Efforts


Your Excellency, permit this humble opportunity to publicly commend you for your tireless efforts in making Kogi State crime Free.

Without mincing words Your Excellency, across the world your efforts in making Kogi State safe cannot be contested. This has therefore necessitated the need to draw your Excellency's attention to sustained efforts in Fraustrating Your Excellency's Security Efforts by men of the Nigerian Police.

permit me to say that I have had the privileged opportunity to travel to Kabba from Lokoja on daily basis within the week.

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Your Excellency, permit me to say that from Lokoja to Kabba, hardly will you see the presence of the men of the Nigerian Police Command.

The only police check point in Odo Ape, Your Excellency has become a point where men of the Kogi Police Command have arranged to constantly collect N50 without recourse to the insecurity situation that warranted their been deployed to man the roads.

Your Excellency, the several flashpoints along Lokoja Kabba Road have been deliberately abandoned by the men of the Police Command, all in an attempt to frustrate Your Excellency's Security Efforts.

While it has become obvious that the men of the Nigerian Police, Kogi Command have lost confidence, I want to use this medium to request you to deploy the men of the Kogi State Vigilantee service, who have proven to be effective in the state thus far.

Once again, I wish to commend Your Excellency's Security Efforts and urged that you sustain the tempo in making Kogi State safe for lives and properties.

Barr. Zacceaus Dare Michael


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