How to keep your romance with your husband Fresh All time, Abena advice women


Abena Nyamekye Yamoah Ghanaian lady share tip on how women can keep their love with their husband fresh all the time.

The single lady who happen to be an expert in relationship advice share the tip on her wall, she wrote " If you are coming home from work, don't just buy things for the children alone, buy for your husband too. Don't say he has all the money and therefore can buy for himself whatever he likes.

If you call home from a travel, don't just ask about the children alone, ask your husband how he is doing about himself?

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At night, don't let the children take the place of your romance with your husband. Stop keeping your little baby in between you and your spouse in bed. It's good to rotate in bed at night and cuddle your husband. Stop facing the child or wall all night as if your husband irritates you.

Stop killing the romance of your own marriage gradually out of ignorance. Remember, it may mean nothing to you but a lot to your partner.

In marriage, you don't control your partner on how to be romantic. I want you to take me out, buy me flower, take me to parks, buy me chocolate. It's not just all about you, you, you.

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What of the ones your husband demands too? How do you treat his romantic demands?

You may want it as morning kiss, while he wants it as cuddle at midnight. So if you want yours, give him his as well.

You may want a smile and tease, while he wants a hug. You cannot be frustrating him in his own choice of romantic actions and be expecting yours. Marriage is "give and take"
What you want to get, make a deliberate action to give it.

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When you have succeeded in making him loose his own romance by making excuses over every of his own romantic demands, then he won't have the feelings enough to respond to your own needs.

It's a boomerang!

You may want him to call you sweet names, but he wants you respect him. If you are too insensitive to his love languages, where will he get the "tickles" to respond to your own love language?"

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