BUHARI was voted because of insecurity and looters, but focus on opposition - Abubakar


At the time of Goodluck Jonathan, when he was enjoying from insecurity, using insecurity to vote and loot billions and thrillions of naira, we became tired, then we could not go anywhere, always afraid to leave home, because you might not come back, we have to just ignite and take him out with the hope that Muhammadu Buhari will tackle insecurity, wether we accept it or not, BUHARI was voted because of two things which are:

  1. To tackle insecurity
  2. To arrest the looters and bring back our resources
    But to our dismay, this guy only concentrates on tackling the guys in opposition, with few ones in his Party just for cover ups, and the insecurity became worst in this administration.
    Ok Sir, since you cannot arrest the looters, why not tackle insecurity ?
    Now, Nigerians are not only afraid to go out, but they are also afraid to remain in their own houses, because Kidnappers can pick them anytime, only in Nigeria that a sitting president will claim he is not aware of insecurity, only in Nigeria that our brothers and sisters will be killed in hourly basis and one abnornal Minister will come out and say Nigeria is the most peaceful country, only in Nigeria that people are staving to death, a minister will come out and say 30 naira can feed a Nigerian, only in Nigeria will killings, kidnappings and looting of people properties will be happening and the president will be sending his symparthy to other countries, wanting to go and help them with our resources.
    This Man Buhari has failed us, and moreover, we blindly vote him due to the insecurity then, Buhari does not have any humanitarian records, both religously and otherwise, I want one single person to show me where this Man has built an orphanage home, well, taps, or anything before he became president and maybe now, nowhere.


Amb Edet Zakariya Abubakar

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