Valentine is around the Conner, Dear Parent Educate Your teenage girl on what Love is to avoid had I know


Dear parents,

If you have a teenage daughter in secondary school, please make out time this week before Friday to talk to her about valentines day,🙏👌 educate her on what love is all about💯.....No matter how innocent that your princess may appear, bear in mind there is something called peer pressure😟

Some ignorant teenagers will be lured into sex this week all in the name of valentines day🙉Some will loose their virginity,while some will get pregnant over a cup of ice cream and gifts 🙉.....Show your teenage girl lots of love this week and always 💯💃💃get her a beautiful valentine gift and make sure to tell her categorically,looking straight into her eyes that no one will ever love her genuinely like you do♥️♥️♥️❣️🥀🥀....This may save you from unwanted pregnancy this week 🤔🙃

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