Mr Governor, what about the guns?, Okai Austin Ask Governor Yahaya Bello


By Usman Okai Austin

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has ordered that all campaign billboards erected across the state in the build up to the last governorship election should be dismantled forthwith, this is commendable but it goes beyond GYB posters, the real posters and billboard are men with guns and fake uniform in his name.

-Police and commissioner of youth to moped up catche or arms and ammunition in Kogi state

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The real billboard is the illegal arms in the hands of evil men in the name of Governor, we have so many guns on our soil today and this is so rampant in Kogi East and Kogi west, those in possession are well known to the APC leaders through their zonal chairmen.

So many youths were empowered with arms as a built up to last year Guber election. now that they are removing the GYB stickers from the vehicles, what happens to the guns that followed the cars???
The guns are not meant for safe keeping, therefore the following steps are necessary:

Commissioner of youths should identify those government guns handlers through APC Zonal Chairmen with the aide of commissioner of police and Director of SSS in Kogi state to mope out these guns from our land, Gun is not razor blade, the boys are carrying around like handset, the SARS know them, the DSS know them, the APC hierarchy in Kogi state known them.

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-FAKE MEN, these same boys with dangerous weapons are also in possession of fake NYSC, Fake Soldiers and Fake police uniform and Civil defense, it’s not just mere announcements of dismantling billboard and governor posters, proper Amnesty’s package at state level should be organize through commissioner of youths and sport with aides of relevant security agency for the purpose of moping up these dangerous And deadly weapons, this can be possible through youth empowerment in exchange for the guns, Kogi state government knows those in Poseidon of the said fake uniforms and guns.
May God help Kogi state

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