99% of terrorists and bombers in Nigeria are violent, vicious and unrelenting northern Islamists - Femi Fani Kayode


Femi Fani Kayode give fact about Nigeria Muslim terrorist.

In his statement, he said that 99% of terrorist and bomber in Nigeria are Muslims from northern Nigeria.

In his post, he point out that no Christian has ever killed any Muslim from the act of terror.

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Kayode wrote "This so-called Nathaniel went to a Church with fireworks and someone says he is a Christian bomber that wishes to kill other Christians?

There was no bomb squad there yet he was arrested and the "bomb" recovered. Who is fooling who? We know what is going on. It is a set up and a conspiracy to change the narrative and discredit our faith.

Whatever they say or do the following facts remain incontrivertable: that in the last 2 weeks alone a Christian student was executed by an 11 year old Boko Haram fighter, a Reverend father who was CAN leader in Adamawa state was beheaded, 23 Christians were slaughtered in Plateau state, one of the 4 kidnapped Catholic seminarians was butchered in Kaduna and a Christian lady slaughtered whilst her husband and infant children remain with her kidnappers!

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All these people were abducted and killed by murderous northern Islamist and jihadist terrorists linked to ISWA, Boko Haram or the Fulani militias.

Not one was abducted or killed by a fellow Christian and neither has any Christian killed a Muslim. These are the facts and that is the reality of Nigeria."

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