Anyone believed Kaduna bomb planter is Christian need to have his head examined - Femi Fani Kayode


Femi Fani Kayode has reacted to recent bomb planter named Nathaniel Samuel who wanted to Bomb winners chapel during Sunday services yesterday in Kaduna.

Kayode claim that Nathaniel Samuel real name is Muhammad Nasiru Sani.

In his reaction on twitter, Kayode said that it is ironical for anyone to believed that Nathaniel Samuel is a Christian, according to him, Nathaniel Samuel was force to claimed that his a Christian.

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As for those who believed that Nathaniel Samuel is a Christian, he said they need to have their head examined.

Kayode tweet, "If anyone really believes that the individual that attempted to plant a bomb in Winners Chapel, Kaduna is a Christian and that his real name is Nathaniel Tanko they need to have their heads examined. He is actually a Hausa Fulani Muslim and his real name is Mohammed Nasiru Sani."

He reference his claim to a pastor which he said is from Kaduna, according to him, Muhammad Nasiru Sani disclosed his identity after he was torture.

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Kayode said "Kaduna-based Pastor Azzaman, wrote:

"The Kaduna bomb planter Mohammed Sani confessed to being forced in detention to bear Nathaniel Tanko in custody.

He confirmed he is a Muslim &Fulani.

He also claims an influential Muslim contracted him to bomb Living Faith Church Kaduna"."

Meanwhile, till now Nigeria newspaper refuse to reports the name of bomb planter.

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Many of news media in Nigeria refer to Nathaniel Samuel as middle aged man, when given the report.

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